Easter 2017: City Catering Southampton (which serves 1.7m nutritious school meals in 47 Southampton schools and nurseries each year) has launched a brand new school menu app: Lunchero. The app has already been downloaded by hundreds of families across Southampton, giving parents and pupils a user-friendly way to view the full term’s menu for their individual school, on a day-by-day basis.

“So far, feedback from users is fantastic,” said Rachel Hall, Deputy CEO. “This is the first app we’ve developed as a company, and we’re delighted at the uptake, with thousands of screen views since launch.”

Facebook followers have been letting the company know how they’re getting on: “Lunchero has been dubbed ‘well handy’ (which we love!),” continues Rachel, “and families with picky eaters are particularly finding the app useful. This comment sums it up: ‘Love the new food app, it has really helped with my children’s meal choices at school. My son is a fussy eater, being able to sit with him and quickly look at a visual of the next day’s meals has helped him so much in making his own choices for dinner.’”

Lunchero solves the issue of having to figure out which week you’re in (on a paper menu), and gives quick access to meal choices for the whole school term. The app uses the same meal images that pupils pick from in schools, giving parents a visual of the day’s dishes.

“The latest version of Lunchero now includes the functionality to show school holidays and INSET days, too” Rachel adds “to help parents plan ahead. And all of the information provided is school specific. We’re really proud of what we’ve created and the level of detail we’re taking the time to provide to users.”

Discussions are now underway around the development of a secondary-school menu app, potentially incorporating educational gamification around nutrition and food choices.

Lunchero is available via iTunes and Google Play, and more details are also on Facebook at CityDinnersSouthampton.