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The UK's first school menu app

Lunchero solves the issue of having to figure out which week you’re in (on a paper menu), and gives quick access to meal choices for the whole school term. The app uses the same meal images that pupils pick from in schools, giving parents a visual of the day’s dishes.


Lunchero is our primary school app that helps parents and students identify meals for the term ahead. Access our daily lunch menus as well as recreating favourite meals at home, thanks to our in-app recipes. Families can like their favourite meals and get excited about upcoming school meals.

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Lunchero+ was built for secondary school students, and this app has all the functionality of its younger sibling, including photos of meal choices, recipes and details of school holidays. Lunchero+ also provides secondary school users with tariff information and a simple calculator to help our young users add up the cost of food.

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Favourite meals

Love your favourite meals to let our kitchen caterers know what meals you enjoy the most.

Request a recipe

Request a recipe or explore our school meal recipies on our website to make your favourite meals at home.

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See whats on the menu today and explore each weeks meals before you head to school.